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The Practicality of the Arctic Five Forum


In the wake of the agreement between the Arctic Five to ban commercial fishing in the Arctic “Donut Hole” – the region of international waters at the top of the world – there has been much discussion regarding the place of Arctic Five decision making versus decision making through the Arctic Council or other international bodies. Most of this talk has revolved around political motivations and whether it is proper that there are many avenues through which to address international Arctic policy.

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Conserving Species with no Natural Habitat


The Arctic is most famous for its frigid expanses of snow and ice and the massive mammals that traverse these environments – e.g. polar bears, caribou, belugas, narwhals, etc. But climate change is fundamentally altering these intertwined facets of the High North. The Arctic is warming and steadily becoming less covered by snow and ice for shorter periods of the year. In turn, northern animals are being negatively impacted as the environments to which they are adapted recede.

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