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Arctic Governance - A process of engagement of Arctic and Non-Arctic Nations


Despite of the diffuse and imprecise concept of governance we can accept the interdisciplinary feature of governance and the constant search for efficiency in a completely fragmented, multidimensional and changeable reality. Another important element of the concept of governance is the plurality of the modes of control that can forge new models of politics, new economic systems, new models of development in order to deal with risks and opportunities at a larger scale.

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Ilulissat Climate Days - Highlights on Stability and Variations of Arctic Ice Sheet


The inspiration for this blog was to share with the ASC participants some ideas and experiences from my trip to Greenland when attending Ilulissat Climate Days last June 2015.

The changes in the Greenland Cryosphere and aspects related to variation of Arctic Ice cover were the main topics discussed in Ilulissat, Greenland. Important data about the ice loss in the Antarctic system has also been presented and analysed in relation to global sea levels rise.

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Globalisation and Governance - Lords Arctic Committee - UK Parliament


Climate change has important socio-political implications as the melting ice ignites new debates over territorial sovereignty of Arctic coastal states and poses new jurisdictional problems over maritime navigation. This allows states to put forward their claims to underwater resources that become increasingly accessible as the ice recedes. Jurisdictional problems arise when competition over resources causes what used to be internal waters of one particular state to be referred as international waters by other actors.

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