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Heather Exner-Pirot's blog

Innovation in the Arctic


As a Canadian invested in northern and Arctic issues it is frustrating to note the lack of innovation in infrastructure, food & energy security, and health care & education access in the region, and its negative impacts on human development. Existing technologies, for example in greenhouse food production, small scale energy production, and telehealth, could be applied in new and locally relevant ways in the north, contributing to local self-sufficiency, providing new employment opportunities, and improving quality of life, but often aren’t.

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Arctic Governance Beyond the Arctic Council


Last month, when the five Arctic littoral states signed a precautionary ban on fishing in the Central Arctic Ocean, there was heavy criticism from Iceland for being excluded from the discussions, as well as detraction from a number of commentators who believed the exclusionary move could compromise cooperation in the Arctic Council.

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The Arctic Five Returns


The moratorium - or more accurately preemptive ban - on commercial fishing in the Arctic Ocean donut hole last week has received a lot of attention, with mentions in the world's leading news outlets and near unanimous applause from diplomats, environmentalists, and indigenous organizations.

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