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Working Groups

Fellows of the 2014 Arctic Summer College worked collaboratively in four independent, thematic Working Groups to develop and share ideas on key Arctic policy issues. At the conclusion of the program, the Working Groups shared the products they had developed over the course of the summer:

Environmental Protection: Sara Aparício, Alyson Azzara, Falk Huettman, and Nengye Liu

The Future Governance of Arctic Shipping

Energy & Resources: Cornelius Eich, Victoria Herrmann, Don Logan, and Coco Smits

"Hands off from the Arctic?": Risk Assessment of Arctic oil spill preparedness

Arctic Communities: Erica Dingman, Linda Jabs, Dayanita Ramesh, Niko Niemisalo, and Dorothea Wehrmann

Effects of Global Ecological Change on Arctic Council Permanent Participants

Geopolitics & Security: Eva Berckmans, Nadezda Filimonova, Eleonora Milazzo, Emmy Neuls, and Katherine Weingartner

Upcoming U.S. Arctic Council Chairmanship: Preparations and Predictions of Impact on Arctic Issues